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Secret #1 - The one simple change you can make to your grip to gain 17+ yards. (see pages 4 & 5 for this)

Secret #2 - One simple thing you can do at setup and at the start of your swing to give you a longer more powerful swing. (read pages 5 & 6 for this Jack Nicklaus secret)

Secret #3 - The one part of your body you need to move first to start your downswing for the most distance possible. (check out page 7 to discover the one crucial part)

Secret #4 - The best drill to improve the path you swing the club on so you hit the ball as long as possible. (if you cut across the ball you'll want to quickly read pages 7 & 8 for this drill!)

Secret #5 - What exactly I did for 28 days to increase my average swing speed from 103 mph to 114 mph...and how you can do the same! (read pages 9 & 10 for this simple yet powerful secret)


So before you pay thousands of dollars for a golf school or pay any other money hoping to improve....make sure you click here and check out this online golf school now and also find out how to download the FREE ebook.

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